What’s new with the conference?

The FBINAA has made significant advancements for the conference over the years to improve the quality of education and training, make it more economical to include meals and events, and to enhance the overall family experience.

Greater number of robust training sessions and professional development seminars focused on 21st Century contemporary law enforcement trends and issues.

A second registration option for members and sworn non-member law enforcement personnel to choose a full Conference Badge or Basic Training Badge. A new Conference Badge category for members-only is available to active members who are aged 65+.

Enhanced family guest experience with opportunity to share breakfast with members and participate in optional free and paid activities over four full days during the Conference family lounge serving as a central headquarters for registered adult and youth guests and offering a variety of free interactive activities for all ages

Opportunity for attendees to purchase tickets to optional evening events or to go “on your own” to experience night life in New Orleans.

Have the registration fees changed for 2020?

Registration fees for the Conference Badge have increased this year. The Family Badge fee has decreased to the lowest rate in over a decade. Both registration fee types allow you to pick and choose which meals and events are best for you. Start with a Conference or Family Badge and then add on breakfasts and evening events as you wish. It’s an economical way to get the most from your conference experience. Also new this year is a discounted rate available to active FBINAA members aged 65+. This new rate allows for the same access as the Conference Badge.

In addition to my conference registration, what meals and events can I add-on?

Most registration fees are set low so that you can “buy-in” to breakfasts and evening events as you wish. The basic training registration allows for access to training sessions and the exhibition but is not eligible for meals or events.

What is the Basic Training Badge registration?

Member and non-member sworn law enforcement personnel have this badge option if your focus is on quality law enforcement training and finding new innovative products and services for your agency. This basic registration type does not allow for “buy-in” of meals or evening events.

What’s the best way to get started with registration?

Before moving to the registration page, be sure to review these items.

  • Review the conference fees on the registration page to see what is included and which registration is best for you
  • Register (members and non-member law enforcement first) and then secure a hotel room at one of the hotel options

What services are available for registered attendees?

  • Click here to read about Attendee Services offered at conference.
  • Click here to read about the Family Program offered at conference.